Center Mass Ammunition is commercialy remanufactured ammuntion.

What does that mean?

What that means is that one component of the round is not new.
We use once fired brass that we clean, polish, resize and then reload with new components.

While it may not look exactly like new it looks very nice and will fire, cycle and perform like new.
Shot After Shot



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All of our Current Inventory is packaged in 50 round boxes.
100 & 1000 round bulk boxes are available by order.

115 grain FMJ RN- 16.00/50
124 grain FMJ RN- 16.00/50


40 S&W
155 grain FMJ RN- 18.00/50


45 ACP
200 grain Lead RN- 20.00/50
200 grain SJHP - 20.00/50



Call 785-617-0076, ask for Wayne to arrage delivery or pick up