Camp Projects

We are always working on a project to improve your stay at Corndodger Station.
Here are a few of the projects that we have completed over the past few years.
I can't thank our volunteers enough for all of their hard work.

New Sign on the Highway

sign1.jpg sign2.jpg



Front Gate & Fort Style Fence Along Road

fence1.jpg fence2.jpg


fence3.jpg fence4.jpg



65' Swinging Bridge Over Corndodger Creek

Bridge1.jpg Bridge2.jpg


Bridge3.jpg Bridge4.JPG



Concrete Low Water Crossing

cross2.jpg cross1.jpg


Expansion To Low Water Crossing

cross3.jpg cross4.jpg


This Is It, One Last Addition To The Crossing

cross3.jpg cross4.jpg



Double Stall Outhouse (This Baby is Heated in the Winter)

hooter1.jpg hooter2.jpg



Standing Room Only Outhouse (Obviously this in for the men)

stand2.jpg stand1.jpg



Double Stall Showers

shower1.jpg shower2.jpg



Foot Bridges In South Camp

foot1.jpg foot2.jpg



Bulletin Board In Main Camp

board1 board2



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