History Of The Corndodger Station

In February of 1827 William Sublette pioneered a new route to the Rocky Mountains while traveling from the Great Salt Lake Valley back to St. Louis. This route west followed the established Santa Fe Tail for some distance before branching northwest across the Kansas River at Grasshopper Creek (present day Delaware River). The trail continued northwest crossing the Little Vermillion and the Black Vermillion before following the Big Blue River north. The trail then crossed the Big Blue headed northwest to catch the Little Blue and eventually reaching the Platte River. This “Kansa Route” of what would later become known as the Oregon / California Trail was called “Sublette's Trace”.

Corndodger Station is located along Corndodger Creek in present day northeast Kansas. The Corndodger dumps into the Black Vermillion River just up from its confluence with the Big Blue River. After crossing the Black Vermillion Sublette's route took him right through the property that is currently “Corndodger Station”. He crossed Corndodger Creek about 300 yards south of the current day camp. The crossing is still visible there today.

After Mr. Sublette's successful trip with wagons to the rendezvous in 1830 this route became the preferred route for traders and trappers heading for the Rockies. Over the next several years mountain men such as the Sublette brothers, Jed Smith, Bridger, Wythe, Meek, Fitzpatrick, Townsend, Russell, Carson and many others passed through here on their way to make history in the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade.

We want to invite all of you to come spend some time at the Corndodger Station. Participate in one of several rendezvous and events we hold every year.

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